About us
Tel. +45 7585 2273


About us

HC Tæpper is a family owned Danish company founded in 1999.

The words “Family owned” is the essence for the way we run our company. Trust, strong relations, credibility and responsibility are the most important keywords for us.

Scandinavian design and quality are the basis for our product knowledge and development of new rug designs.We have a wide range of rugs which is constantly being updated according to the fashion, colors and materials of the time.

We have products which is Handmade, Handwoven, Flatwoven and Machine made, in all kinds of material.Wool, viscose, jute, cotton, syntetic, recycled and much more.

HC Tæpper A/S   |   Lundagervej 100 A - 8722 Hedensted - Denmark - mail@hctaepper.dk - Tlf. +45 7585 2273 - Fax +45 7585 2279

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